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DIVORCED - Life Skills Can Help!!

Research indicates that one divorce occurs every 13 seconds in the US, ranking sixth on a global divorce rate scale. It’s entirely possible to sustain a committed, fulfilled, and intimate union that doesn’t succumb to the agonizing reality of divorce.

Understanding the risk factors, while working together with your partner to counteract them, can help you divorce-proof your relationship and strengthen your connection. Remember, you didn’t get where you are for no reason.

So which pitfalls contribute to an unsuccessful marriage? Life Skills can help repair a broken marriage, even the one’s who end in divorce. We have countless couples who have been re-married after they go through the program.

What’s the key? Each individual works on their own contribution and stops focusing on the other. When the tools are applied to your own life things change!

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Below are some common reasons for Divorce.


80% of couples are headed in the direction of divorce within their first four to five years of marriage. This is often because of decreased passion and excitement in the relationship.

Maintaining that “spark” you experienced while dating can diminish in record time. Avoid this pattern during those first critical years of marriage by prioritizing emotional connection and physical chemistry on a regular basis.


According to Science in Healthy Aging and Healthcare, if one or both partners struggle with depression, anxiety, substance abuse, sexual issues or certain phobias, the risk of divorce often increases exponentially. This does not mean all marriages with a track-record of mental illness are headed for divorce, but it’s worth noting the heightened challenges you may encounter if either spouse is suffering.


Among the most pervasive misconceptions is that a struggling marriage can restore itself once kids enter the equation. Approximately 50% of children in North America will experience parental divorce before age 18.

While the mantra of “staying together for the kids’ sake” often does prompt spouses to work through relationship issues, the assumption that child-rearing is a proven antidote for marital tensions can lead to more discontent in the future, undermining not just your partnership, but the whole family. The trauma, for a child that has to endure a marriage that is just staying together for them, can greatly affect their own chances of becoming healthy emotional adult.


If divorce is present within either spouse’s family of origin, their own chances of marriage instability, or even separation, will often double. This occurs because the individual was raised with a sub-conscience message that commitment is not sustainable, which gives them a a way out when problems arise.

You can break the cycle with trust, communication, and resilience when your instinct is to quit.


Engaging in intercourse before marriage or becoming sexually active under age 18 can escalate the risk of divorce within your first 10 years of marriage, according to the University of Iowa.

This research suggests that promiscuous behavior as a young person is detrimental to the vitality of a marriage, but it’s often unrealistic that both partners will enter the union without a sexual past. So remember that prior experiences don’t need to dictate the health and frequency of intercourse in a marriage context.

The problems arise when past promiscuity or PTSD from childhood sexual abuse/trauma causes trust issues in a marriage. Someone’s sexual past doesn’t necessarily foreshadow his or her future, but that may not stop the other person’s insecurity or lack of trust. “Make a decision to love by trying to work through your own past,”

Your relationship is worth protecting and fighting for, even when our culture normalizes separation, divorce and broken family units. Learning the reasons for your own pain and applying the right tools could mean the difference between a successful marriage that grows stronger through the years, versus an unstable marriage that doesn’t stand the test of time.

Keep in mind: Their is hope!!! Call today to talk with someone and see what you can do to move forward in creating a healthy marriage or helping you and your family cope in the wake of a divorce.


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