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About Life Skills

Life Skills provides tools to help individuals learn how to rebuild and improve their lives. The goal of the Learning to Live, Learning to Love curriculum is to help each individual increase their capacity to function in healthy relationships and offer hope of reconciliation.

Painful memories that remain unresolved from childhood can cause reactive behaviors in our adult lives. These behaviors can destroy our potential for happiness and success as individuals. Further result can be damage in our ability to have harmonious relationships and many times we even sabotage our own careers. Left unresolved, anger builds within us. Suppressed anger will eventually be expressed in negative behavior which can be damaging to our self and others. Everyone gets angry occasionally. Expression of this anger in a healthy manner is important in the process of resolving differences and to bring about growth. Without a proper understanding of the anger process, anger is often expressed in unhealthy and even violent ways.

The Learning to Live, Learning to Love curriculum teaches skills for all areas of life, providing tools to build healthy relationships with our loved ones and everyone who touches our life.

These life skills are taught to help bring about a change in behavior, are given in classes designed for men and women separately, in a safe environment. Class time will include working through a student workbook, discussion of the material and class related videos. Classes usually meet 3 hours weekly for 30 weeks, totaling over 90 hours of intense study and education. Each person is treated with respect and dignity as the facilitators present the curriculum in a safe environment through oral presentation, workbook study, group discussion, videos, and other visual aides.

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